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"I want to be a Doctor"

Why sponsor this child?

Grief struck Ranjana Ramtel’s family when her father passed away 4 years ago, a day after he returned from Malaysia where he had gone to work. Her father was the only wage earner of the family so after his demise, that responsibility shifted to her mother. Due to the lack of proper education, she is working as a laborer earning $1.5 a day to support her children. Ranjana is the eldest of the two children in her family. Because her mother works long hours, she and her brother do all the household chores. She is fighting everyday to support their daily needs and her children’s education.
You can help ensure a steady education for Ranjana by sponsoring her. She wants to become a doctor. According to her teacher, she is a very bright student and is doing very well in school. Besides studies, she takes a keen interest in singing, dancing and other extracurricular activities.

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