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"I want to be a Doctor"

Why sponsor this child?

Yubin belongs to a very poor family of 4. His father suffers from bad asthma but works hard to make ends meet. Yubin mother needs to stay home most of the time to take care of his younger sister, so his father is the only wage earner. The house they live in is very old and unstable and looks as if it could collapse at any moment. Yubin’s parents realize the risk but cannot afford to make critical repairs to ensure their safety.

Yubin loves to sing and showed us his talent when we visited him. He says he would like to be a doctor when he grows up in order to help people like his father who suffer with breathing problems.

Yubin’s parents are honest people who understand the value of education. They hope that your support will secure a better future for Yubin and allow them to save funds to repair their home.

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