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"I want to be a Nurse"

Why sponsor this child?

Radhika is a very bright young girl who studies hard. She dreams of becoming a nurse so she can help heal people. She lives with her mother, and after watching the hardships her mother has endured, Radhika helps her mother as much as she can around the house. “I want to be able to earn enough money to make my mother happy” she says.

Radhika never knew a father’s love and protection. Her parents were separated when she was very young because Radhika’s mother could no longer take the torture from her husband and in-laws. They abused her because they said the dowry she brought during her wedding was insufficient. Her in-laws would place her clothing in cow dung, and physically exploit her. She was also mistreated by her own brothers, so she couldn’t return to her maternal home. Even though she knew it would be difficult to support herself and Radhika as a single mother, she took a leap of faith to protect her daughter from the unsafe environment, and fled to Dhading to raise Radhika in a safe, healthy home.

“I have suffered a lot in my life and I don’t want my daughter to live the same kind of life,” says Radhika’s mother, “I want to give her education and a good life.” Currently, she works as a helper in school. Your sponsorship will not only help Radhika, but also give her mother some support.

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