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"I want to be a Soccer Player"

Why sponsor this child?

Dipesh is a bright, hardworking 9 year old boy who absolutely loves school. When we visited his home, he was studying for his exam the next day. He does not have the comfort of a table to study at, but that doesn’t deter him from focusing on his schoolwork. Instead, he feels lucky to attend school and have his tattered straw mat to study on.

Dipesh appreciates that being able to go to school is a greater privilege than many other children in his village currently enjoy. However, he knows that his parents have not been able to pay tuition recently and he may have to leave. His elderly parents don’t earn enough to cover all of the family expenses. Like most people in the village, Dipesh’s parents work on the riverbanks and each make about $2 per day. They lose their work when the river floods in rainy season, and there aren’t any other income sources for the family.

The situation concerns Dipesh’s 75 year old father who wants his child to attend school and get a real job someday rather than continue struggling in poverty. He believes Dipesh is smart enough to succeed if he is given the opportunity.

Your contribution to Dipesh’s education will fuel his passion for learning and give hope to his parents that their child will be able to build a bright future.

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