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"I want to be a Social Worker"

Why sponsor this child?

“I like to help other people, and one day I will teach my mother to read and write,” says 9 year old Binita. Binita is very active and outgoing. Her mother says that Binita longs to go to a boarding school, but her husband’s income is not enough to afford the cost.

Binita has a younger brother who is a year old, so her mother is unable to work to supplement the family income. Binita’s father works as a construction laborer and earns Rs. 250 ($3) a day, but the work is seasonal. The family shares a room with their relatives.

When we spoke with Binita, she beamed with excitement about going to a boarding school. She promised to work hard to receive good grades in school. Her teachers say that she is very diligent and a bright student. Your support for Binita’s education can help her passion for school find its purpose.

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