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"I want to be an Engineer"

Why sponsor this child?

Ashish is the youngest member of his family. His father suffers from hearing and speech impairment, and his mother suffers from chest pains that recently forced her to spend two months in the hospital. The family owns a small piece of land but because Ashish’s mother falls ill frequently, his father is unable to work consistently in the fields.

Because of their poor conditions, Ashish’s elder brother has been sent to live with his maternal family members. In spite of her illness, Ashish’s mother is determined to provide him a quality education and works when she can in order to send him to boarding school. Last year she could no longer afford the boarding school tuition and now he is studying in a government school.

Ashish is very bright and diligent and enjoys learning. He says he wants to become an engineer so he can build a nice home for his parents someday. With your help, Ashish can receive the right education so those dreams can come true.

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