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"I want to become a teacher"

Why sponsor this child?

Manish is 8 years old, loves to read, and dreams of becoming a teacher when he grows up. His motivation comes from seeing the children in his village who are unable to go to school. However, he is on the brink of losing his schooling if his father cannot obtain support soon.

Manish’s father is his single parent. His mother abandoned the family without a word and her whereabouts are unknown. It has been difficult for Manish’s father to raise him and his older sister, but he has managed to send the siblings to school until recently. As the children reach higher grades, tuition and other expenses rise. Manish’s father often works as a laborer in other countries but doesn’t earn enough to afford the rising expenses. The work is inconsistent, so he ploughs farmers’ fields or sells firewood from a nearby community forest so he can provide essential nutrition and shelter.

Manish’s father worries about his children’s future. Because he is a single parent and his work takes him to different locations, he fears pulling them out of school as they would be home alone and could develop bad habits and behavior.

If he had help to keep Manish in boarding school, he believes his son can be successful and grow to be a leader. Your contribution will help Manish fulfill his potential and demonstrate the power of education.

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