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Anisha Chaudary , 6 Years old

Why sponsor this child?

At 5 years old, Anisha is too young to understand the tragedy her family has been through. Five years ago her father was killed in a road accident in Darbanga, India where he had traveled in order to earn income to send home. The Indian government promised to provide compensation but the family never received any money.

Since then, Anisha’s family has been through many hardships. Anisha is the youngest among 3 children. Her elder brother and sister have been sent to be domestic helpers in the city. Anisha and her mother live in a straw shed and pay Rs.250 ($3) for rent. They have no land, so Anisha’s mother searches for work every day. She is barely able to earn Rs.100 ($2) a day. Anisha’s mother says that it is difficult being a single parent with no one she can depend on. She also misses her other two children.

Anisha’s teachers say that she is a good student and gives her best effort in her studies. Your sponsorship can ensure Anisha’s access to quality education and give hope to her family.

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