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Anisha Danuwar , 9 Years old

Why sponsor this child?

Anisha lives with her mother and 2 brothers. From a young age, Anisha has had to witness her mother’s brutal abuse at the hands of her alcoholic father. Her mother had no other choice but to leave her husband and survive as a single mother caring for her children.

While the children lived with a relative, Anisha’s mother worked in Saudi Arabia for 5 years, returning with little money. Anisha’s mother was able to build a small shelter from bamboo, mud, and straw. She struggles each day to do more to support her family.

Anisha’s mother is a brave, hard working woman who understands sacrifice. She recalls leaving her abusive husband and going to work in Saudi Arabia where she was mistreated and underpaid, saying that, “Poverty makes you do many things to survive, and when you also have children to feed, there is no other choice.”

Anisha is a diligent student and performs well in school. She says that she wants to be brave and strong like her mother and be able to give support back to her when she grows up. You can help to provide comfort and relief to a struggling mother and help Anisha carry on her legacy of strength.

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