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Bikram Gurung , 12 Years old

Why sponsor this child?

Bikram is a hardworking, talented, 12 year old boy. When his father abandoned the family and remarried, his mother faced great financial hardship and couldn’t support Bikram and his brother since their father refused to provide financial support. Desperate, their mother went to Oman to work as a migrant worker, but she is still unable to send money to support her two sons. Bikram and his brother had been living with their grandparents before their mother’s departure, but the boys were mistreated there, so they were relocated to Dhading.

Now, Bikram and his older brother live in a room provided by Parbati, the principal of Shree Balmandir Secondary School. Parbati says, “I could see the hardships the boys were facing, and gave them a room in my home. There are days when they don’t have anything to eat. Bikram is a diligent child, and performs really well in class even though his life has been difficult”.

Under these circumstances, chances are that Bikram will have to discontinue his education. Your support will provide education to a deserving and hardworking young boy.

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