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I want to be a nurse

Why sponsor this child?
Sushmita Khadka is a 7 year old girl from Dhading. Her father left Nepal in search of a job and a better life for his family. However, he stopped contacting and supporting them therefore abandoning them back home. With the primary breadwinner gone, Sushmita’s mother has to face the prospect of being a single parent responsible for providing and taking care of her two children. Her mother makes only $30 a month selling vegetables, which is barely enough to provide the basic needs for Sushmita and her sibling. They live in very poor conditions in a room rented for $3.75. Sushmita wants to be a nurse and help the people that she sees suffering everyday. The lack of monetary support means that Sushmita cannot go to school and her hope of being a nurse cannot be followed. Sushmita still dreams of her father coming home with gifts someday.

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