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I want to be a teacher

Why sponsor this child?
Asmita Pokharel is an eight years old girl who lives with her parents and her younger brother. The family owns a small single-room bamboo house. Despite a piece of land the government provided to the family for self sustainability through agriculture, the family has been struggling financially. For the very reason, Asmita’s father borrowed thousands for foreign employment and ended up in Libya. However all his loan investment went in vain when he couldn’t find a job there and had to return home empty handed. Now he is in a great dilemma to return the loan. Currently he is involved in manual labor around town with no guarantee of work on regular basis. The family of four has to rely on her mother’s income of around $30/month, that she fetches from a local tea farm for trading her labor. The parents have struggled every day to fulfill their children’s dream to go to school but are distressed for not being able to do so thus far.

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