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I want to be an athlete

Why sponsor this child?
Chanda, a 5 year old shy girl, wants to become an athlete when she grows up. She has been living with her mother at her grandmothers home ever since her father went to Saudi Arabia to work. He sent them some money to clear his debts but they haven’t heard from him since. The grandmother’s family can barely support themselves let alone support Chanda and her mother. This strained economical condition led her mother to work in a tea garden to sustain the daily needs of Chanda but is earning a meager $1 a day. She works from early morning to late evening however that is not enough to pay the bills and school expenses.
Chanda has a simple wish - to go to school and get a job to support her mother. Your sponsorship can help Chanda get a proper education and a chance for a secure future.

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