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I want to be an engineer

Why sponsor this child?
Sachin Ramtel, a 10 year old boy living with his mother and sister, is the youngest in the family. Their father had to go to Malaysia for employment, however he passed away four years ago. Since then the family plunged into further financial problems. Currently Sachin’s mother picks up some trivial jobs around the neighborhood to fulfill the family needs. Because his parents were from different casts, they were abandoned by both of their families. For that reason, Sachin’s mother has nowhere to go during adverse times. The roof above the family’s head is in miserable condition and because Sachin’s mother cannot afford to replace it, she has to keep mending it. The last time it happened, she had to take loans and the family is now in debt.

Despite all the hardships, his mother has been sending Sachin and his sister to school. The family cannot afford for transportation. So Sachin walks for about an hour to get to the school. He aims to become an engineer when he grows up and build his own house. Besides studies, Sachin likes to play soccer other extracurricular activities. He is a bright student and is doing well in school. But as the kids are growing up, the school and other expenses are increasing which Sachin’s mother is finding difficult to manage with her meager income. What worries her most is the fear of pulling her kids out of school due to lack of finances and thus depriving them of the education they deserve. You sponsorship could ensure that Sachin is given the opportunity to continue in school and have a bright future.

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