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I want to become a Lawyer

Why sponsor this child?
Rabindra Khadka is a bright 9 years old boy and is the youngest of four siblings. He is currently living with his grandmother and three elder sisters. His father used to be a driver but after an unfortunate mishap, he lost his arm. He was the family’s only source of income but after that incident, he is unable to work. Due to their family’s strained financial condition and the many mouths to feed, his mother had no option but to go abroad to Malaysia to work as a laborer. She sends about $50 per month but it is not enough for the whole family. Because of his family’s financial burden, Rabindra will be obligated to discontinue his schooling, if he doesn’t get some external help soon.

Rabindra is a very sharp and diligent student. He aspires to become a teacher and help educate other poor children. He is also determined to provide financial support to his family. By supporting his education, not only would you be providing education for this deserving young boy but you would also be helping a family make its way out of poverty

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