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I want to become a Police Officer

Why sponsor this child?
Karuna is bright and cheerful 9 years old girl. Like her friends, she wants to wear a uniform and go to a boarding school where she knows she can receive the best education. Karuna’s current teachers at the government school have also recognized her potential and believe she would excel in boarding school. They praise her hard work. However, her family circumstances present an obstacle to her chances to attend a better school.

Karuna’s parents have had a hard life ever since their inter-caste marriage. Her father went to India with the hope of earning stable income, but he fell ill due to poor working conditions and recently returned home empty handed. Karuna’s mother is weakened by a menstrual disorder and is often unable to work. Their home is unstable, and without income, essential repairs are unaffordable. With both parents physically unable to provide support for the family, Karuna and her grandparents’ with whom she also lives see uncertainty in the future.

Under the circumstances, Karuna may be forced to discontinue attending even the government school that her family can barely afford. Your support can give their family hope and secure the education that will allow Karuna to fulfill her great potential.

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