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I want to become a Teacher

Why sponsor this child?
Abhishek is a 7 year old orphan living with his widowed grandmother. He is the youngest of 3 siblings who were abandoned by their parents who left without a word and whose whereabouts are unknown. Abhishek’s grandmother took responsibility for the children’s upbringing. The ailing grandmother who has worked hard for her entire life says, “I have to work long hours in the fields in order to feed these children. At my age, I worry about their future.”

Abhishek’s grandmother wants him to continue school no matter what happens to her. Abhishek says he loves to go to school and read English books. After completing his education he wants to become an English teacher and wishes to be able to take care of his grandmother.

Your sponsorship will send Abhishek to school and provide relief and comfort to his elderly grandmother.

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