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I want to become Doctor

Why sponsor this child?
According to her parents and academic report, Bishnu is an honest and a hard-working girl. She has three brothers who are 6, 8 and 10 years old. Bishnu loves to spend time with her brothers and help them out in school work. Being the only daughter in the family she helps her mom with house work as well.

Bishnu is only 14 years old but thinks like an adult. She knows that her family is poor and is not being able to support all four children. She is thankful for the education she has received until now but at the same time she knows that she will be the first one to be dropped out of school and work to support her three brothers. It is unfortunate in Nepali culture, especially in remote areas where education is given more preferences to sons over daughters.

Sponsoring Bishnu will ensure her education and encourage her to fulfill her dream

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