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Parvati Gurung , 6 Years old

Why sponsor this child?

Pravati Gurung is a very innocent girl. She is active and outgoing, and like any other girl of her age, she loves going to school and playing. She says that her teachers are very nice to her and that she enjoys listening to stories read by her teachers. Her family lives in a small, primitive home. Her father works seasonal jobs as a mason, and her mother sells tea. However, both of their incomes are hardly enough to provide two proper meals a day. Her father says, “We work hard in order to feed our children and send them to school, but with the soaring prices of every basic need, it is becoming extremely difficult to even feed the kids and we may no longer be able to afford to send the kids to school.” Under such circumstances, Pravati will soon have to discontinue going to school. Your support can secure her right to education.

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