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Prabhat Gautam

Why sponsor this child?

Prabhat was barely one month old when his father abandoned the family. For the past 5 years, Prabhat, his mother and brother have been living with their maternal grandparents. His father used to get drunk and severely beat his mother. The grandparents are both 80 years old and not in a position to provide any kind of long term support, although they have been sending Prabhat to a government school. His grandparents are farmers and earn a little money by selling milk in the village. His grandparents worry about the family’s future as there are many mouths to feed.

Prabhat also has a younger brother. The mother works in her parents fields to contribute to the household, but doesn’t have any other source of income. Prabhat is a bright child and his cousin says that he needs a book next to his pillow when he goes to sleep and wants to read even when there is no light and it is difficult to see. Prabhat is passionate about learning, and your support can help him succeed in obtaining the education that he deserves.

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