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To be a Police Officer

Why sponsor this child?
"I am the first boy in my class," said Suren proudly when we asked him his class position. Suren is the fourth youngest of five siblings. With three daughters and two sons, they are a family of seven, which adds to their poverty and vulnerability. Parents who work as laborers for daily wages find it very difficult to put bread on the table for their families.

Suren’s mother says that it is impossible to send their children to school on their earnings, and that's why his elder sister had to drop out of school to handle household tasks. Their elder son ran away after school one day and never returned. His parents have worried about Suren ever since. "We don't want to lose Suren too," they said, "and we fear that if we did have to drop him out of school, he might run away like his brother.". "Suren won’t do anything like that because he is a good and obedient boy," said his father with confidence. Finally, Suren said, "I want to be an extraordinary man. I don’t want to work as a laborer like my parents.". His dream may need your support and help.

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