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To be Teacher

Why sponsor this child?
Alisha, 10 yrs old 4th grade student, dreams to be a social worker in future to help underprivileged people like her. She walks almost three kilometers (about an hour) to the nearby government school every day, where she hardly manages to take all the classes. Her family lives in urban area of eastern part of Jhapa, Nepal, and earns their life by

crushing the stone in riverside. Her father is the only breadwinner in the family and his $3 daily income is barely enough to feed and bear household expenses of six members’ family.
Every day after Alisha’s school, she helps her parents by fetching water, caring and feeding animals and doing household tasks which leaves no time for her to play and do her school assignments. When we suggested her parents to admit Alisha in nearby private school, they said “Poor people like us can never afford the private school’s expensive tuition fees. Poor children are not meant to study in private school.”
Your kind sponsorship will provide better education for Alisha. Please help her to realize her future dreams by supporting her today.

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