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To became a Nurse

Why sponsor this child?
Sangita Ghimire is a young, perky, 10 year old girl with a cheerful personality that speaks volumes about her perseverance through hardship. Her father, the only breadwinner in the family, passed away one year ago in an unfortunate event after going to Malaysia to work as a laborer. After that, her mother was forced to marry someone else due to pressure from the family. Sangita’s step father has left the family to find work in Qatar. He sends some money every month but it is barely enough to sustain the basic needs of the family, causing Sangita’s education to be overlooked.

When asked what she wants to do in the future, she firmly replies - ‘be a social worker’. She wants to open her own health camp for poor people. Sangita is well aware of the fact that education will give her a platform to achieve her goals. Through sponsorship, you can give her a chance to realize her aspirations to help others.

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