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To become a Agriculturist

Why sponsor this child?
Sushila belongs to an extremely poor family of nine members. The parents have to look after seven children with their sole income earned from farming. Previously they used to live in a village with no school facility so they moved to Dhading for the education of their children. Sushila’s mother is unable to work because she needs to take care of her one year old child while her father works as a laborer on their landlord’s land. He sells the harvested crops for income. Although the earning is very little and it is challenging for him to provide all the resources for his children’s education, he is educating all his children in government schools.

Sushila’s father understands the value of quality education and shows his willingness regarding his children’s education. Sushila has demonstrated she is a smart and hardworking student which makes her a deserving candidate.

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