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To become a Chief

Why sponsor this child?
Nisha is 11 years and is studying in the fifth grade. She has an older sister and two younger brothers. Her older sister lives in the city and works as a maid for another family. Nisha is also sent to wash dishes around the neighborhood.

Although she has been admitted to school, she is unable to attend classes. Even on the day when we went to meet with the family, she wasn't at home. Her mother reported that she had gone to wash dishes in the neighborhood.

Her parents work as masons and cannot even afford to feed their children two full meals a day. When asked why their elder daughter is working as maid, she replied, "She gets to eat good meal at the place she works at." Her parents feel they must find another family in the city to send Nisha to work for.

When asked how she feels, Nisha replies, "I feel sad when I see my friends going to school and I have to wash dishes. I want to go to school too".

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