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To become a Chief

Why sponsor this child?
Ganga K.C. is 13 years old and both of her parents work as masons. She is the younger of the two children in her family. The Principal of her school says, "Ganga is a bright student and performs well in class. She is also intelligent and diligent."

At such a young age Ganga understands the importance of education. She says that she wants to become a doctor and take care of sick patients. She loves to read and says that math is her favorite subject. She sees that her parents have to do hard physical labor to run the house, but she wants to change things for them. She dreams of one day supporting her parents so that they don't have to do work that require physical labor.

Her sincere concern for her parents is touching. Her genuine efforts will surely take her long way. But the financial pressures on her family are intense. Your support will ensure her education, so she can reach the goals she strives for.

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