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To become a Dancer

Why sponsor this child?
Cheerful Sandhya, who loves to dance and dreams of one day becoming a famous dancer, is the youngest child of a family of five. Her mother is a fulltime housewife and her father earns just enough from driving a rickshaw to sustain the household. “If he does not work for a single day," Sandhya's mother told us, sadly, "we can hardly manage a meal.”

Sandhya's parents were never formally educated themselves but they are determined to send their children to school. However, they cannot afford to send all three to a private school, so their sons attend a government school while Sandhya alone attends boarding school.

“Right now I am physically fit and healthy, but if something happens to me someday I don't know who will look after my family. If I educate my children, though, I can be assured of their future,” Sandhya's father told us with conviction. “Our daughter is a very diligent and hard-working girl and I hope others will notice that and help her to fulfill her dreams,” her mother said.

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