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To become a Engineer

Why sponsor this child?
Nine years ago, Ganesh's dad went to Malaysia as a migrant worker and never returned. His single mother has been taking care of her four children and struggling for daily food ever since.

Ganesh’s mother had a rough childhood. Her own mother passed away when she was only sixteen days old. Her father then abandoned her and she was left alone. She shared her feelings with us, saying, "I could not go to school but I won’t let my kids face the same difficulties that I have been facing due to illiteracy.".

Ganesh is a bright student who always performs well and consistently scores high marks in his exams. He attends school regularly and his mother makes sure that he is never late. She assured us that she will even find her son a bicycle to be extra certain that he reaches school on time. Ganesh’s family has a debt of three hundred thousand rupees for their house and land which only adds to their difficulties. You will be helping Ganesh’s mother in her struggle by providing sponsorship for Ganesh.

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