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To become a Famous Person

Why sponsor this child?
I don't want to work in agricultural fields and graze cows anymore. I want to go to school like other children, says Januka, a 7-year-old girl who lives in a small village in eastern district of Nepal with her parents. When Ganga Ghar representative visited her house and explained about sponsorship opportunities, she was thrilled. She always dreamt of wearing the school uniform.

Til Bahadur Mishra, Januka's dad, is a daily wage earner by doing a labor job. When asked the reason for not sending his daughter to school, Til said, "I make hardly enough to provide food to my families, how can I afford the cost of school? I can’t pay for the tuition; buy uniforms, books, and supplies.”

Til said, "If anybody sponsors to send my daughter to school, I will always keep them in my prayer"

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