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To become a Journalist

Why sponsor this child?
Suchita is the youngest of four siblings. “I will become a news reporter in the future,” the eight-year-old says confidently. Both her parents work as farmers in their field which is only sufficient for their daily consumption. A few years back, during the insurgency period, her father used to run a grocery shop. Once, he got arrested for selling some grocery items to the Maoists. He was imprisoned for 5 days and subjected to serious beatings and torture. After that incident, he started suffering from epilepsy and frequent mental illness. Due to this, the father is unable to work much and support his family. Her mother is engaged in animal husbandry and earns very little, which is barely enough for their household’s expenses, let alone investing in quality education for her children. Suchita is another example of a young girl with ambition but is hindered due to extreme poverty.

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