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To become a Nurse

Why sponsor this child?
Nikita is the youngest of the three children in her family. She is 10 years old and is studying in the 3rd grade. Nikita's mother and her elder sister both suffer from speech disorders. Her father was hit by a motorcycle in 2009. To pay for the medical expenses after his month-long hospitalization, the family had to sell their only small plot of land. But even after so much was spent on his treatment, he still has not recovered and Nikita's mother works hard to run the house.

When we talked to the Principal of Nikita's school, he said that she often arrives late, and when questioned, she replies that she needs to sell milk before coming to school.

At such a young age this little girl has to shoulder many responsibilities. She wants to go to school but cannot fully participate because of her need to contribute to the family's finances. With a sick father at home there is very little possibility that things are going to change for her

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