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To become a Police Officer

Why sponsor this child?
Dhiraj Shrestha is currently enrolled in Grade Three in the local government school with an average academic performance. The way he spends his time with his friends playing football with that radiant smile on his face, it’s hard to imagine him having a sad story. Every day after spending his time at school and with his friends, he runs back to his Aunt’s home.

His family has been living with his aunt for as long as he can remember. He still remembers those hard days when they were homeless and landless -- reasons which are unknown to him, and frankly, he never wants to know. A child of a family hit by severe financial crisis, his father has a hearing disability which makes it difficult for him to find a good job. His mother lost an eye after a serious infection, a horrid moment for her. Yet Dhiraj’s parents work many hours.

Dhiraj is willing to study hard and aims to become a police officer in the future. “A police officer can catch bad people -- I want to catch them!” he says proudly. His parents are having a hard time making ends meet, yet they support Dhiraj in making his dream come true. They wish someone out there will reach out to their sorrows and hardship and help give their son a better life.

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