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To become an Army

Why sponsor this child?
“What is your name?” Milan asked one of our local representatives in English during our home visit. Milan is an innocent looking boy who likes all his subjects but prefers to read English story-books. He readily answered every question he is asked, and when we asked him to sing, he instantly sang a song in his soft voice.

Knowing he has had challenges related to the development of his brain since he was born, it seems he faced those challenges with determination and dedication towards his studies. “Milan doesn’t even finish his meal so that he can get to school on time,” his father told us. "He has always exceeded our expectations and I certainly hope he will be the one to look after us in the future," he added.

Milan is the youngest of five siblings but appears to be the most talented among them, despite his age. His two brothers have quit school and his sister has to live with their aunt to attend school due to the poor economic conditions that they face. His father asks for help so that Milan can stay in school, and this is only possible with your support.

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