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To become an Army Officer

Why sponsor this child?
Bishal is a bright, confident and inquisitive 10 year old boy and is the topper in his class. He loves reading his academic books and asking questions about various topics to his teachers. Upon being asked what he aspires to be in the future, he confidently replies an army officer. “I like how an army officer looks and would love to wear their dress too,” says Bishal.

He is the youngest of 4 siblings. His two elder brothers have left their house in search of work and his sister had to quit her studies because of her poor performance at the school. Both his parents are laborers and their income is barely enough to fulfill their basic day to day requirements. Under such dire circumstances, it is tough for his parents to send him to a boarding school but his mother is optimistic. “I see a lot of potential in Bishal and hope he will be the bread owner of our family in the future”, says his mother.

By supporting this talented young boy, you can help Bishal attain his dream of being an army officer.

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