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To become an Engineer

Why sponsor this child?
Susant is only six but has already endured a very harsh life. Along with Susant, his mother has a pair of 10 month old twins to take care of all with no source of income. His father left the family behind to go to a gulf country for work which had brought some hopes of better life for Susant, his mother and the twins. However his father has never contacted the family since he left and they don’t know his whereabouts. Even when home, Susant’s father never worried about taking care of his family. Instead Susant had to witness his pregnant mother being beaten by his drunken father.
Susant and his family are now living with his maternal grandparents in a tattered shed with only a few plates, three steel glasses, two cooking utensils and minimal clothes. Susant and his young brothers lack a proper diet with the family surviving on an Au pair’s monthly stipend from the government and on courtesy from some kind neighbors.

His mother is an educated woman who has completed high school. But she has her young twins to take care of and cannot go out to find a job. When our team approached her, she burst into tears. She didn’t cry for her struggles but for her failure to provide her kids even a piece of what they deserve. She wishes to see Susant go to school and be able to have a comfortable life when he grows up. Susant himself has matured early out of situations and is very passionate about going to school. He wants to be successful in life and get his mother out of the pool of sufferings.

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