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To become Doctor

Why sponsor this child?
A 5 year old shy but smiley girl, Pragya Lepcha lives with her parents and her 10 month old brother. Pragya’s family lives a very harsh life in a small makeshift shelter made of tin, hay, bamboo and mud. They have very few possessions and and not enough clothes.

Her father works as a labor that is based on luck. He is sometimes hired by people to work in their fields. At other times he finds construction jobs. But everything is on day to day basis and he is never sure of a work the next day. He has to do whatever comes his way, if anything does. There are days when Pragya’s father has to return home with a grim face after going around the town looking for work and not being able to find anything. Luckily Lepchas are a protected tribe which qualifies them for Rs.500 ($6.25) per head per month as stipend from the government. The family of four members, Pragya’s family collects Rs.2000 ($25) every month. That sum has been vital for the family’s sustenance, however does not nearly cover expenses to feed, clothe and send Pragya to school. Despite all the adversities Pragya is a happy girl. She is shy and has a smile on her face all the time. Your sponsorship would ensure she is given the opportunity to attend school and have a chance for the better future.

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