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Project +3

When students at the Surya Jyoti School completed 5th grade, they would leave school and go to work. The school lacked the resources to further educate these children. Project +3 is a commitment from Ganga Ghar, to add an additional grade level each year, for at least 3 years. This year, we added 6th grade, and improved the school by adding a computer lab and a backup power system.

For 16 years, the children at Surya Jyoti School in Jhapa, Nepal were receiving incomplete schooling. The students showed the drive and determination to attend school and learn, but the school was only able to educate children until they reached grade 5. Children leaving the school found themselves at a severe disadvantage, as grade 5 is only halfway toward completing their SLC (School Leaving Certificate). A half-complete education leaves a student without sufficient knowledge and preparation to pursue meaningful future endeavors. Poverty, political instability, and lack of awareness coincided to create a dire situation for children at Surya Jyoti School who longed for opportunities to further their education.

After hearing about the children’s shattered dreams, Ganga Ghar took action to help remedy the situation. In November 2011, Ganga Ghar was awarded $25,000 from Chase Community Giving. These funds are allocated across several projects focused on improving the quality of education for children in Nepal. One of the projects, Project 3+, aims to add three grade levels (6, 7, and 8) to the Surya Jyoti School so the students may continue their education beyond grade five. This year, the school received $6000 from Ganga Ghar in order to add grade six, and plans to add an additional grade level each year.

In addition to the expansion of the school’s curriculum and grade levels, the school was also provided with computers, printers, photo copiers, and furniture for the classrooms. Ganga Ghar also put forth funds used toward construction of an additional class and a nursery facility for the school.

After receiving feedback from the school, Ganga Ghar has a feeling of great satisfaction with regard to the use of the contributions, and is confident that the Surya Jyoti School is on a path of dynamic development. The children attending the school are happy to finally have the opportunity to study beyond fifth grade, and are excited that an additional grade level will be added each year.

The success of projects like this does not simply depend upon how much you contributed, but how much you care to devote in the future. With constant support and a belief that an individual can make an impact on the world, impoverished children can have a brighter future and take hold of opportunities to end the cycles of poverty. While many worthy projects begin with a simple dream, it is active charity and willing service that bring dreams to fruition and help make this world a better place. We thank you for your support, and hope that you will continue to take part in Ganga Ghar’s mission.

Special Thanks to Tina Tamrakar for following up with Surya Jyoti School to gather the information. Tina is currently studying Journalism at The London College UCK, London.

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