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In the immediate wake of the devastating Nepal earthquake, Ganga Ghar successfully provided relief to 1,500 families who were affected through the generosity of sponsors, donors, and volunteers in the U.S. and Nepal.


Our goal is to support 500 families by giving them temporary shelter, food, and water. Our team has estimated that we can do this for an average cost of $50 per family, so we need to raise at least $25,000. The families will be located in Dhading and Gorkha regions, as they were the hardest hit and are remote areas where limited aid supplies and relief teams have reached.

Cost per Family Breakdown: By leveraging the connections we have in the less affected regions, we’re able to secure goods to transport to Dhading and Gorkha at reasonable prices even in the midst of shortages. We estimate to contribute following in the relief package we’ll distribute to each family:

  • $20 for a tent + $5 for couple blankets + $15 for food and water + $5 for transportation + $5 for bank fees/misc. expenses = $50 per family

  • Please visit our blog for a detail plan of action: Earthquake Relief: Goals & Plan for Action



After 3 days of valiant team work, Ganga Ghar has finally completed its relief aid in Dhading. We visited 8 villages (Shoraa Gharey, Teen Gharey, Basha, Maslo Hatiya, Gairii Gaun, Bhul Bhuley, Kerabari, and Bimirey). Sad but true, in some of these villages we were first group to provide any form of relief aid. Villagers stayed very organized and calm during the distribution and were very appreciative of our work. Thank you to all the donors who have made this possible. Know that we have together made the difference and ease the pain of many people who are suffering because of this devastating earthquake.



Ganga Ghar team recently visited and distributed the relief aid in Sindhupalchok district. Sindhupalchok is the hardest hit district in both the destructive earthquakes, resulting in most fatalities in any district. We particularly focused on Piskar village because of its remote location and based on information we receive that there wasn't any aid distribution in this village yet. However, one very positive experience we had in this district is the help and support we received from Nepal Army. From crowd control to helping us reach the village to aid distribution to even sharing with us their meal, Nepal Army was the instrumental partner in our relief effort. For that, and for all the exemplary work they have done through out the country, we salute them.



After the second devastating earthquake shook Nepal, Ganga Ghar shifted their relief aid distribution to eastern Part of Nepal, mainly Dolakha and Ramechhap district, where the need was utmost and urgent. In our effort to do so, getting there was an adventure in itself because of multiple landslides along the highway; however, what lie ahead of us was even more adventurous and something we had not prepared for. You have to see the pictures to believe it (and truly understand the enormity of devastation earthquake has on our villages' life and infrastructure).



After Dhading, we went to Gorkha (the epicenter district of earthquake). We distributed relief aid in two villages -- Gyal chowk and China ghat. Gyal chowk was about 1.5 hours walk from the nearest highway. Our team walked through the village and distributed goods to every house. There were only 17 homes in that village. In China ghat, by contacting a community leader Kiran Babu Shrestha ahead, we were able to gather villagers from surrounding villages (Bentar, Benibesi, Khastaar, and Basidada). He was also able to send people to help us carry most of the goods.



Ganga Ghar has sponsored three children for their education through our sponsorship program in Chunikhel, Lalitpur. All three children lost their home during the recent earthquake. However, Samjhana Lama's family was in dire need and very determined to build house of their own again. The family's biggest immediate concern was how to get rid of all the rubble which once was their home. So, Ganga Ghar team along with other youth groups teamed up to help Samjhana's family rebuild their home again.



After visiting Ramechhap, we also extended our relief effort to Dolakha district. The first day of trip was cancelled because of landslide on the Arniko highway and had to be postponed. However, we were eventually able to reach our destination in Malu VDC of Dolkaha district, after 8 hours of drive from Kathmandu. The relief package included tent, mosquito net, a box of noodle and two dozens of biscuits to each family. We were able to help about 100 families in the district and our effort was highly appreciated. We would like to whole-heartedly thank to local leaders of Malu VDC, Nir Bahadur Shrestha and Mohan Bahadur Shrestha, for assisting us through out the relief effort. 


With your help, we accomplished even more than we set out to do. After the earthquake hit we set some ambitious goals, and with your help, we exceeded them.
Initially, our team had planned to help 500 families, but we were able to help 1500 families. We had initially planned to help families in 3 districts, but we were able to help families across 6 districts with the same funds. With your help, our team was able to accomplish two times the relief aid we aimed to provide. How did we do this? Our grassroots network connected us with a main tent supplier who offered Ganga Ghar tents at a nominal rate. Additionally, we activated a wide network of volunteers to assist in our efforts.


Financial transparency has always been one of the top most priorities of Ganga Ghar's mission. Following that same mission, our financial team has compiled all the donations and expenses of our most recent earthquake relief effort.

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