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Welcome and Orientation Picnics

Area picnics were hosted to kick-off the 2010-2011 school year. The first picnic was held in Damak on Saturday, May 22n. A second picnic was held in Dhading on Saturday, June 5th.
Ganga Ghar hosted these events for all of this year's students, families and teachers. Everyone gathered together to learn more about the organization and its goals. It was also an opportunity to motivate the families to support their children as they purpose their education.
Activities during each picnic included introductions and group discussions between the teachers, families, and organizational representatives. Ideas were shared for how the students' educational experience could be reinforced at home, and how this educational relationship is truly a partnership between the students, the teachers, the parents, and the organization.
The parents expressed their appreciation, and shared how much they felt they were indebted to Ganga Ghar for helping their children obtain an education. They spoke about how they would support the organization's efforts. They also conveyed how the organization's support has help uplifted the whole family's condition.

Dhading Picnic Pictures
Damak Picnic Pictures

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On May 29, 2010