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May Visit - More than Just a Bag of Books

Morning is inevitable after sunset. It is a different day but errands remain the same. Dawn had just broken in mid April for the students who were ready to head back to school for a new term. Everyone was full of joy and excitement. The exuberance of promotion into the next grade had been augmented by the chance to make new friends and could be easily read on the children’s faces. However, for some it was only the beginning of a long journey called school life. These are some emotions caught by Ganga Ghar’s team in Nepal in their recent visit to Dhading and Jhapa where they got an opportunity to spend time with the kids.

Bikram Parajuli and Yubesh Shrestha were in Jhapa and Dhading just in time before the new academic session started. The primary purpose of the visit was to distribute school items to the students being supported by Ganga Ghar on behalf of the generous sponsors that it has. Secondly, the representatives also picked up the mark-sheets of all the students from the previous grade. Ganga Ghar saves transcripts of each student in order to determine their progress. A copy is also forwarded to sponsors so that they know their sponsored child’s performance. Ganga Ghar is currently supporting 64 students in Jhapa and Dhading together.

While in Dhading and Jhapa, the Ganga Ghar team distributed school bags, uniforms, books and other educational supplies to the kids in the presence of their parents and teachers. The team met all the students one-on-one and shared the items on behalf of their respective sponsors. The children as well as their parents were very thankful for all the supplies without which there would have been no possibility of school life for many of them. The joy that the children were experiencing was insurmountable. As the children were letting their feelings out in the form of thank you letters for their sponsors, some parents were letting their emotions run down as tears. Those were the tears of bliss; the bliss that comes with the prospect of seeing their child grow up with an education.

There is always a great sense of personal satisfaction for the travelling representatives after each student visit. “The pains of long trips and uncertainty of road closures are easily trounced by the precious smiles of the children and the unconditional love from their parents,” said Yubesh after returning from the visit. Indeed. The pictures the representatives brought back without a doubt underline Yubesh’s feelings. Ganga Ghar is proud to have been able to play the role of a mediator between the sponsors and the children in need. And we hope to keep getting more and more support so we can contribute toward lifting the veil of illiteracy from not just a few families but the entire communities.

Foot note: Extending a helping hand always feels heavenly. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself. Ganga Ghar can always help you help those in need.

Take a moment to view the pictures to experience the visit:
Jhapa Pictures
Dhading Pictures

Written By: Khem Paudel

Posted by Khem Paudel
On May 30, 2012