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Sponsorship Goes Beyond Books

It is heart wrenching when you hear about a child having to fight the pain from her broken arm for several days because her parents don’t have money to take her to a doctor. When one of our Nepal representatives, Bikram Parajuli, visited Menuka Rajbanshi in Jhapa, he witnessed this dreadful situation. Fortunately he got there before the injury could get any worse and was able to take her to a doctor. We were glad that the bone had not started to heal on its own at a wrong position which could have required a surgery to get her hand straight.

Menuka’s arm has healed since but the pain she had to endure has certainly alerted Ganga Ghar about the problems that may hinder a child’s success.  We cannot predict accidents, but what we can definitely do is stay alert in case any child needs attention. That is when one-to-one sponsorship comes into play.  Since its initiation, Ganga Ghar has always tried to make the most of the one-to-one sponsorship program. A major part of the sponsorship money is spent on tuition, supplies, and uniforms. However, the program goes an extra mile by ensuring a child can attend school regularly by providing adequate nutrition and health where necessary. Our deep gratitude goes to Bandana Garg for sponsorsoring Menuka Rajbanshi.

Ganga Ghar is proud to have been able to say that it has succeeded in rekindling the lost hopes and dreams for a better future in families like Menuka’s. With so many children in need we can realize the necessity in Ganga Ghar’s relentless effort to empower the poverty stricken and education deprived children of Nepal. With the great help of Ganga Ghar’s benevolent sponsors, it has been able to send more than 70 children to school. By providing occasional nutritional and emergency medial assistance Ganga Ghar can give those children the opportunity to get the most from their education.

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Posted by Khem Paudel
On Mar 16, 2012