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Where Would You Be Without School?

Do you ever stop and think about what your life would be like if you had never gone to school? Would you have learned how to read or how to use a computer? Would you have the same career that you have now?

When you live in a society where going to school is a basic right, it’s hard to imagine that there are children in the world who have never seen the inside of a classroom. Instead, these children spend their time working to support their families, either because they are too poor, don’t have access to a school, or their parents don’t understand the power of education.

This is the life of countless children and families in Nepal.

We believe we can break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty by building a school and bringing the power of education within reach of Nepal’s most impoverished communities.

Learn more about this new project at IndieGoGo #G2S . We hope you will show your support by making a contribution to help us take the first steps in building a school in Nepal.

Thank you for your support.

Posted by Admin
On Aug 17, 2012