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11 New Team Members on 11/11/11

What a perfect day to add 11 new team

members to the organization!

In Ganga Ghar we believe that the best way to succeed and have the greatest impact on what we do is by bringing together different people and harnessing each individuals strength via collaboration.Today, we are proud to launch four different GG Committees and eleven new team members. The objective of these committees is to focus on different sectors of the organization and improve the process for quality, growth and sustainability.

Please help us welcome the following individuals to the Ganga Ghar team:


  • Prapti Shrestha

  • Rashmi Lama

  • Sanjeev Shrestha


  • Bob Hansen

  • Jody Elias

  • Mike Luedke

  • Todd Blagrave

Project Management

  • Anwesh Rijal

  • Pareej Pradhan


  • Rajib Shrestha

  • Khem Paudel

  • Grishma Shrestha

The expertise that each of these individuals bring to these committees serves as an asset to the organization. We are very thankful for their willingness to contribute. Together we hope to strengthen the organization and ensure that we serve the children of Nepal to the best of our abilities.

“What an organization is capable of doing resides in the abilities of the people who run it.”

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