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A Better Career Path Forward

Lila Basnet was 13 years old and studying in grade 2 in Jhapa, Nepal when she came in contact with Ganga Ghar. Because of her well-founded desire to go to school, despite her advanced age among younger students, Ganga Ghar accepted her in our one-to-one sponsorship program. We were able to match her to a very supportive sponsor. Together, with continuous support from her sponsor and strong enthusiasm for studying, Lila was able to complete her schooling through grade 10 at the age of 21.

After finishing school, Lila faced the dilemma of going abroad as a labor worker to support the family. This is a common practice for young adults in Nepal. She was on the verge of going to Cyprus for this kind of work. However, with the support of her sponsor and the Ganga Ghar team, she was able to resist the pressure and convince her family that it was more important to stay in Nepal and continue her education. Today, at 24, she is studying in Rupratna Memorial College in Jhapa and plans to work in the banking sector after graduation.

By continuing her studies, Lila will be able to complete her higher education, thus enabling her to pursue a better career path and earn a higher income. In turn, this will help lift her and her family out of poverty and present her with the opportunity to give back more to her community.

Lila’s story embodies the vision that Ganga Ghar has for all of the students, families, and communities we touch. With the support of our team, sponsors, and donors, we can create more stories like Lila’s and achieve a better future for Nepal.

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