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Authentic Nepali Cuisine

Not too long ago, I was talking with Tina Chang, the CEO of SysLogic where I work. In the conversation, she said, "You could organize a Nepali dinner at your place and invite us (Syslogic employees) over. This way we will get to meet the Shrestha family, taste some Nepali food and you can raise some funds for your organization as well!”

What a great idea! So we began planning an authentic Nepali dinner. The event was organized by Ojash Shrestha & his family for his SysLogic colleagues. They gathered on Saturday, September 24th, 2011. Ojash's mom, Ganga Shrestha, and his aunt Jyoti Pradhan cooked delicious Nepali cuisine such as Cholya, Aalo Aachar, Chura, Pulaw, Dal, Cauli, Haluwa, and Chicken Curry. People loved the food!

Afterward, the group listened to a short presentation about Ganga Ghar and enjoyed good discussion about the work Ganga Ghar is doing. There was good feedback and appreciation for the current projects, support for some ‘bumps along the road,’ and ideas for the future were shared. The guests inquired about sponsorship, and donations to the general fund were collected. A total $1125 was raised in the evening to support the organization.

Ganga Ghar would like to thank all the guests and the people of SysLogic for their continuous support!

(Special thanks goes to individuals that helped throughout the event: Chij K. Shrestha, Prija Shrestha, Avishek Pradhan and Sanjeev Shrestha)

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