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Ganga Ghar Nepal Night 2012 in Atlanta

With over 2200 mo:mos (dumplings) prepared by volunteers, six vibrant Nepalese cultural dances representing every corner of Nepal along with three passionate and motivated Ganga Ghar supporters and staff presenting their thoughts on the importance of Ganga Ghar’s mission and vision, words cannot describe the spirit of all those who came together to support Ganga Ghar’s Project T2S2 (2 English teachers & 2 Swing Sets). T2S2 will provide one English teacher and one swing set at two different schools – Chunidevi School & Pashupati Pravi. The project was initiated on April 2011 and will run through March 2014.

Ganga Ghar Nepal Night was also supported by the Nepalese Association of South-East America (NASeA) in bringing this vision to fruition. By the end of the night, I observed many individuals opened their hearts and chose to make a contribution in order to help Ganga Ghar achieve its T2S2 dreams. One particular donor who requested to remain anonymous explained to me that attending Ganga Ghar’s Nepal Night was an excellent introduction to not only the Nepalese culture, cuisine, arts, crafts and music but more importantly a window into the unheard plight of the children of Nepal. Our donor furthered explained with tear filled eyes that she was thoroughly touched by the ingenuity, passion, commitment and above all the joie de vivre (joy of life) expressed by the youth in all the performances presented throughout the night.

The extraordinary performances by dancers from the Bhutanese Arts and Culture Center were choreographed with the help of instructor, Deepak Gajmer. Mr. Gajmer has been an active volunteer teaching cultural activities at the Nepali School in Atlanta , GA since 2009. Without the help of kind and loyal supporters of Ganga Ghar like Mr. Gajme, dedicated volunteers and many nameless and faceless donors who came from all over the nation such as Minnesota, Florida, Wisconsin and Birmingham to name a few, we would not be able to move forward to achieving our T2S2 goals. We appreciate all our volunteers and program participants for helping us accomplish project T2S2!

The great American academic Carl Bard once stated that although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new beginning. Ganga Ghar as an organization is deeply committed to Mr. Bard’s sentiments. With each and every humble step forward such as with Project T2S2, we can start envisioning and building a new Nepal. By collectively working together and educating Nepalese children and youth now, we can make a brand new beginning where poverty, civil war, political instability and lack of health care and education will be a thing of the past.

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