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How we are helping with Nepal Earthquake Relief

This is an update regarding the steps we are taking to gather information and provide support to sponsored children and families and their communities that have been affected by the earthquake in Nepal:

  1. At this time, we are receiving information primarily from Kathmandu. We are having difficulty getting information from more remote areas due to unstable power, telecommunications, and road/transport conditions extending from Kathmandu.

  2. While we gather information, we are organizing teams to travel to two areas affected by the earthquake - Dhading, where we sponsor 35 children, and Chunikhel, where we sponsor 5 children. We will also be gathering information remotely from Jhapa, where we sponsor 80 children, which is an area that is reporting a minimal impact from the earthquake.

  3. In the short term, our teams will gather information specifically regarding sponsored children and families in order to assess fatalities or injuries and immediate survival needs. Over time, we will gather a more complete needs assessment to guide ongoing support efforts for sponsored children and families.

  4. We will update sponsors regarding the status of children and their families as we are able to gather and relay information. Delays may occur due to transportation conditions and internet and telecommunications outages.

  5. We are asking current sponsors and supporters to make a tax-deductible contribution to our fundraiser to support earthquake relief efforts for sponsored children and families. Funds will assist in deploying Ganga Ghar team members to affected areas where in addition to relaying information, they will provide support such as food, freshwater, and shelter assistance.

Please check our Facebook page or sign up for emails from Ganga Ghar to receive updates about Ganga Ghar’s efforts to support earthquake relief and continue our mission in Nepal.

We thank those who have reached out so far with messages of concern and offers to contribute their support. Email questions or comments to

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