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In the Spirit of Giving

It has been just over one month since our team of volunteers returned from Nepal. The trip was bookended by two major Nepali holidays - Dashain on the front, Tihar on the back. As a result, we received a healthy dose of cultural immersion by participating in festivities and rituals with our Nepali hosts. We returned to the USA in time to celebrate Thanksgiving and get into holiday spirit of Christmas and New Year.

The things in common between cultures seem to outnumber the differences. At the heart of the celebrations, there’s a spirit of gratitude - for the good fortune of being alive, for our family and friends, and for all the other joys held dear to our hearts. And, of course, for the food that is shared when we gather together and give thanks for these things.

The entire Ganga Ghar team is grateful to our sponsors, donors, supporters, and volunteers who helped us reach new heights in the pursuit of our goal to give education to children in Nepal. As a result of your generosity, we were able to send over 100 children to school, as well as raise the funds for our recent trip to begin the process of building our own school.

Because of the great success of our fundraising this year, we were able to give away over 5,000 pounds of food throughout our trip, much of which directly resulted from the donations to our IndieGoGo campaign and 1-1 Sponsorship program.

As a tribute to your generosity, we have put together a video with footage from our trip to Nepal that shows how the spirit of giving can go a long way toward bringing hope and happiness to those in need.

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