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Merina and Her Journey in Jhapa

Hello, I am Merina Magar, a bachelor third year student studying Social work at Thames International College. Every year we are placed in a social work organization as interns, and this year I feel fortunate to be placed in Ganga Ghar and gain such an amazing experience through child selection drive 2014 in Jhapa.

It’s been nearly two weeks that we all got back from the project but every now and then my mind goes back to the journey and leaves me with a nostalgic feeling. I feel this project has put a strong impression on me individually and helped me grow not only as a social worker but also as a person.

The journey started with mixed feelings since it was my first time getting involved in such a project and also i was going to be away from home for two weeks. I was eager and excited for the field trip and at the same time felt terrified thinking how the journey would turn out for me. After 15 hrs of hectic exhausting long bus journey we reached Jhapa. Being my first time to a rural Terai and being a nature lover, Jhapa was like a heaven on earth for me. I was overwhelmed by beautiful sceneries and got super excited for my stay. As soon as we reached at our Host Mr. Rudra Sitaula’s house we were warmly greeted by the family and at that very moment I was sure that I was not going to feel homesick. The family was caring, loving, funny and entertaining, a perfect definition of a perfect family. It felt so good to be around them.

With no delays, our team started our first day of the Child selection drive 2014. As we began to take the basic information of the candidates it was both shocking and sad to know how difficult life is in Jhapa. Various cases of a failed marriage, polygamy, single mother, and migrant worker were seen. I thought that Jhapa being a rural place people would be traditional and conservative but as I observed closer it was clear that modernization had already reached them as such cases to them was not a big deal. During home visits, I came across another side of the life in Jhapa. I came to know their social status, their way of living, economic crisis, most of all I could see how much life is difficult for most people living there. Seeing such cases at times made me look back at my life and realize how lucky I am and made me thankful for everything I have. I was more than happy and satisfied with my not so perfect life.

Overall, this field trip was a lifetime experience that took me to a different dimension. This project helped me find and explore myself. Not even for a moment the people or the place felt new to me, it felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I was proud of myself. I am beyond thankful to GangaGhar for giving me this wonderful opportunity, my teammates for the co-operation and teamwork, the host family and whole Jhapa for the love, support and warm hospitality. It’s hard to believe but this journey was a perfect hit, there was lots of work but didn’t feel exhausted, I was far from home for more than two weeks but I didn’t feel homesick. Everything happened smoothly and successfully. I forgot to mention about the amazing Darjeeling visit that has made this whole experience even more amazing. This wonderful journey I will treasure it my whole life, things I experienced I learned has made me wiser and better.

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