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Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund - Donation Progress Tracker

Words fall short of expressing how grateful for the generosity our sponsors and donors have extended in the wake of the Nepal earthquake. Our team in the US and in Nepal is working tirelessly to provide essential relief to our sponsored families, as well as many others in the communities that have been affected by the earthquake.

As a grassroots organization with deep relationships within the communities we serve and beyond, we are able to marshal the funds we raise in a rapid and effective way to both procure the essential supplies - food, fresh water, and tents - and dispatch them to those who are in need. Listed below are the donors who have generously supported our Nepal earthquake relief efforts. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to provide immediate relief support to 500 families in the affected regions of Dhading and Gorkha. See our detailed plan for action and meet the team that is carrying out our mission.

If you have not donated yet, you can make a secure tax deductible contribution to our Nepal Earthquake Relief fund that will help us reach our goal.

Thank you again to all of our supporters. Together we can help rebuild Nepal.

Donation Collected: $32521.29

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